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In France " Upper - Class " people were wearing bonnets during the day from the 11th until the 17th century . Lower class people had caps called " Capuchon" Night bonnet started to be very fashionable during the late 17th century ! Heads were shaved so people were wearing wigs during the day.
With their colorful traditional costumes French women use to wear different kind of bonnets and hats according to their location. Some of the most famous folk hats are the tall lacey ones from Brittany or Alsace with the big bow! French women are still wearing those typical hats nowadays while attending folk dance performances in villages.

Let's say that France has a HUGE traditional and historical know how in making bonnets and hats besides fashion!

Please find some antique and very unique handmade cotton and lace Bonnets and Caps in my shop as well as folk costume dolls :

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