SophieLadyDeParis is happy to make custom researches on antique linens and textiles to make clothing for costumes or specific fabrics to be transformed by Fashion and Home Designers!


Hemp dish cloth (pls click on the photo)

HEMP is the most resistant fiber and has been used for thousand years to make rope , sails, textile, clothing. Hemp fibers does not get bigger. It is non-deformable. Wet hemp is more resistant than dry. Hemp is becoming more and more softer after washing. It's a temperature regulator and thermal insulator. We're saying that hemp is alive and breathing! It's an authentic natural air conditioning, it keeps you fresh during hot season and protects you from cold. Very natural and healthy fiber by being anti-bacterial, anti-mould, anti-fungal. (no need of pesticides to grow)

France is the hemp producer European leader.

Long 19th Century Hemp Kitchen Café Curtain (click on the photo)

19th Century Rustic Hemp Sheet Unused (click on the photo)

LINEN becomes smoother and softer after washing. Non-deformable, resistant. Remains fresh during hot season.Thermal insulator and anti-bacterial. Used in High Fashion for mid-season clothing and starting slowly to be worn for winter season nowadays. Linen fabric is the best to dry glasses. French bakers are keeping baguette dough on linen towels to keep them fresh.

80% of Linen is produced in Europe. France is the world wide leader producer.

Baguette Dough Baker Linen (click on the photo)

METIS is linen woven with cotton : mixing both qualities from cotton and linen: absorbing, resistant, non- deformable.

Grapes metis runner (click on the photo)

COTTON is the most famous natural fiber world wide . High rate of absorbing power. Therefore bath towels, bathrobe,dish cloth and towels are made of 100% cotton. Waffle cotton is great for hand towels. Cotton linens can be put in dryers.

Waffle cotton towels (click on the photo)

Here's a little trick: cold wash once before using your linens to keep them more resistant to spots.