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Sophie Lady de Paris shop is multicolored with all kind of antique French items and a lot of Antique French linens and clothing ! A lot of my items are antique and handmade from 19th century Victorian and early 20th Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-century periods .

We are carrying Antique French clothing and accessories most of them are from the Victorian and Edwardian eras . So you will find on my shop Antique Aprons, Bags, Bonnets, Boxes, Buttons, Brooches, Collars, Clips, Clock, Clutch, Dresses, Doilies, Gloves, Petticoats, Sheets, Enamelware, Home Decor, Housewares, French Kitchenware, Lace, Linens, Medals, Napkins, Rosary, Pottery, Porcelain, Pouch, Purses, Table cloth, Totes, Wedding Accessories...My Sophie Lady De Paris shop is a real "Women Bazaar" !

Most of them are belonging to my own family and have a French History to share with you ! I 'm having a very old French name from the 14th century meaning " swear on the Bible "My first ancestor was a Judge.

I'm also creating when I have time . I'm inspired by my beloved grandmother Eva . She was a beautiful Lady born in 1911 in the south of France in a small village called Puyricard located next to Aix in Provence . She was so talented and was creating all sorts of items , sewing, knitting , making embroideries and cooking. She has taught me a lot and I've made my first creation steps with her. She passed awway on December 25th 2009 and I'm still crying.

But besides my own story let's say that French have a very long history with Artists, Artisans, Art, Craft, Fashion, Linens... The French ladies used to sew a lot because of our Wedding Trousseau custom which stopped in the 60's. It was difficult to get married without it ! So until 80-100 years ago Wedding Embroideries, Linens, Lingerie ... had to be hand - made by mothers , grandmothers and their helpers . They were busy preparing everything before weddings to create what we 've called " Trousseau". Therefore we have lot of beautiful handmade, unique and sometimes unused linens made of cotton, linen and hemp still kept in closets! French are "keepers" we don't throw away.

As concerns French Artists and Artisans , they were working copper, gold, fabrics, pewter , silver, porcelain...and were often linked to our Kings histories and also to their taxes !!!Kings were collecting taxes on craft work usually to finance their wars !

Here are a few historical examples :

Our artist had privileges , titles and belonged to corporations. For example, our famous Louis the XIV (17th/18th century) decided to collect taxes on precious metal like silver and gold to finance his wars ! Since then French precious metal had to be marked.

And during the French Revolution of 1789 privileges, taxes and so on stopped. So we also have precious metals which are unmarked coming from this period .

As concerns porcelain, Limoges porcelain (starting 18th century) had several factories round France.They were linked to Kings and nobles.To be able to paint you should buy rights and titles. And some didn't ! These hand painters were working at home and were named the " Chambrellans" coming from the word "chambre" ="room" . Not all of them were registered . So you can have beautiful porcelain painted with unknown signatures.The American David Haviland (19th century) had a factory in Limoges town and was the first one who gave a huge expansion to the French porcelain abroad and launched sales over the US .If you want to know more about porcelain please go on the website "".

I've read a lot about "copying". We don't have this fearing in France or very little on very expensive items because we have so many antiques of everything following our long History that it is no need to copy. But I understand. So please if you want to know more or have more information or photos please do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to answer.

We have such a long History and stories among History !

We have 6 hours more with New-York , 7 more with Chicago and 9 with Los Angeles , just to give you an idea of the jet lags ! So please forgive me if I don't answer right away ! I'm travelling bewteen France and the US. I 'm speaking French, English and a bit of German upon request.

Your goods are shipped world wide for free usually within 24 hours on open business days and in First class mail. Average of 1 week up to 10 Days delivery time to the US according to your location.

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