SophieLadyDeParis Shop's Lace and Linens

lace and linens

SophieLadyDeParis shop is selling Victorian French fashion, accessories and home decor.
Most of our items are handmade made with natural fibers and materials such as HEMP, LINEN, COTTON. A very old French customs "The Wedding Trousseau" made our grand mothers sew a lot to be able to get married. Some have been sewing since the age of 7. Therefore we have very fine lace and hand embroideries made by very small fingers. You'll find Apron, Blouse, Bonnet, Collar, Doily,Handkerchief, HEMP dish cloth, Lace, Lingerie, Nightgown etc... And because this custom was very popular we are keeping lots of unused lace, linens and clothing in our closets. The entire shop is in FREE SHIPPING world wide.
In case of any specific request, please do not hesitate to contact us we'll be happy to answer.