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Basically a small and very brief summary of Catholicism in France : Previous France Gaulle territory has been Catholic since 200 AC around Lyon area . Chritianity expanded with the conversion of our first King Clovis Ier in the late 400s and became nation wide.
We had Popes in Avignon 100 years during the middle age (1300s-1400s)
Our kings were very Christians. The French revolution 1789 changed the mentality.
1905 published a law separating the Church and Government powers. Let's say that until 1960s France was 90% a very Catholic country.
Therefore we have a lot of medals, water fonts, crucifix and religious items as well as Holy places such as Notre Dame du Laus, Our Lady of Miraculous in Paris rue du Bac, Notre Dame de Lourdes etc..