Wine Grapes in Provence

I LOVE FRENCH WINE and its tradition!
Please find here below a French wine summary

Wine making and drinking used to be very common in French famillies. I remember seeing my grandfather bringing his grapes to the wine cooperative of his village in the south of France. Then he was keeping his own harvest in his cellar.

Antique Demi-John (Dame Jeanne)

In Antiquity people were drinking beer which was made in the morning and drank in the afternoon. Wine required more time and preparation. Gauls beverage was mead, beer then wine imported to the Greek trading posts then grown afterwards in Gaul (previous France) BC 700 . Until Middel Age wine was watered and spiced.
Cathedrals and Churches were owning a lot of vineyards. Christianity expansion helped to develop viticulture worldwide.

Antique Wine Press

Each wine has its own identity according to its "terroir" (region and soil): quality of the earth, type of grapes, know how of the winemaker, kind of storage container like "fût de chêne"(oak barrel) etc...

Oak Wine Tap Barrel

Here are the Major French vineyards (vignoble) : Vignoble d'Asace, vignoble du beaujolais, vignoble de Bordeaux, vignoble de Bourgogne, vignoble de Champagne, vignoble de Corse, Vigneoble du Jura, vignoble du Languedoc- Roussillon, vignoble de Provence, vignoble de Savoie, vignoble du sud-ouest, vignoble de la vallée de la Loire, vignoble de la vallée du Rhône.

Wine regulation and rules are very strict and controlled.

Here are a few well known type of grapes named "cepage" :  
White "cepage" : Aligoté, Auxerrois, Chassselas, Chardonnay, Chairette, Gamay, Gerwurtraminer, Jurançon blanc, Sauvignon ...
Red "cepage" : Cabernet, Cinsault, Grenache, Merlot, Pinot noir, Syrah ...

20% of the worldwide wine production is French.

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